The Most Affordable Places To Retire Overseas

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Senior Living Abroad

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Welcome to LLC your one source of information when seeking  retirement housing and assisted living abroad. An alternative to a better life!

You will find a wealth of information on our website about home setting communities offering both retirement and assisted living abroad.

Why Retire Abroad

Retiring overseas may be a difficult decision to make, however considering the low-cost of living in many foreign countries may be an option to consider. You don’t need to be rich when retiring overseas most communities in our network offer affordable housing with meals and transportation included with in the monthly fees. Making the decision can be very difficult until now due to the orientation our services provided and step-by-step process from the beginning to the end. Our residents certainly live a better quality of life so if you looking to retire early, or retire in the near future start searching right here you’re only  a breeze away.

Affordable Health Care and Senior Care Services Overseas

Its comes a time in life where we as individual need more medical attention, and when the times comes we hope we can afford it. In The United States the cost for assisted living in a community will run about $4000 -$5,000 a month to say the least, in some cases depending on the community up to $10,000 month. More, and more families are seeking for benefits and programs available, to only find out they really don’t qualify because of tight criteria put in place for qualification. Our partners offer cheap medication and in most cases medical treatments for a fractions of the cost in the U.S. As you search for options on the web you will come across communities in La Ceiba, Honduras a Gateway to The Bay Islands – Roatan, Utila, Guanaja are minutes away and have world-class sport fishing, diving, snorkeling/Dining and our private Hospital  will provide excellent medical care. so start your search right here on for the cheapest places to retire overseas and find a place to call home, We wait for you with open arms!

If you would like to get pricing information, have any of your questions about LLC, please submit inquiries via email or

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availability is limited Act now! LLC.

Family vacation to our near beach resorts while visiting love ones. Don’t lift a finger, read more on our “A Piece of Mind” Page.


***However, these communities are not meant for those with long-term illnesses, or in bedridden. That’s where nursing homes and hospice take over.

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Advantages of Retiring Overseas

imagesK5GU357JRetirement is that aspect of life where an Individual stops employment completely or part time. Almost all of the people who retire or are on the verge of retiring have that dream of having a wonderful “golden period” of their life. Having planned for their retirement throughout their life, most people intend to live their life to the fullest after they reach their retirement period. Nowadays, many of the retirees are enthralled by the idea of retiring abroad, an Idea that may not be that far-fetched after all. The thrill of learning a new language, exploring a religion or taking up a new hobby is what leads many to consider settling abroad after their retirement. But, when it comes to the unknown, we usually assume the worst. Despite what many may think, Retiring abroad is quite easy and has numerous reaping benefits.
Benefits of Retiring Abroad:
 Most people have big dreams, when it comes to their retirement. Things, they could not do due to their busy lifestyle or the things they planned specifically for their “golden period”. The One thing that comes to the mind instantly when one thinks about retirement is- Freedom of mind and body. While this stands true for retirement in general, but the abroad quotient has much more to offer. To live in a place that is just- serene, calm and peaceful without the hustle of the cities is too good an offer for most retirees to pass out on. To wake up to morning coffee with a beach-side view, or sitting in the sunshine with your loved ones, there is just one thing which describes it-Bliss.
 While the concept of retiring abroad may make most retirees ecstatic, but there are some, to whom the idea of settling abroad permanently may seem alien and foreign. But nowadays, most exotic locations worldwide, provides affordable and comparatively cheaper housing solutions that include all basic amenities like food, health care, housing and transportation.
 Choosing the right location also helps. Many are enthralled to live life abroad, but most of them worry about the financial crisis they may suffer. But the fact is most exotic locations are far more affordable than the exhausting city life. The savings can be very high as compared to the cities as they offer benefits of health care much cheaper. For example, in Ecuador the property and utility taxes are some of the lowest. These savings in fact enables one to invest in other areas of merriments like- Theatres, Spas, personal care, travel or even hiring some extra help to get things done, which by the way is much cheaper in most locations.
 There are some who fear the possibilities of boredom and their ability to adapt among strangers. But, most of the expat communities worldwide have that foreboding sense of togetherness and brotherhood that is quite difficult to find in our homes, where everyone is quite busy in their own lives. These communities come together for help in times of need, celebrates birthdays together, comes in for community dinners and most of all becomes a family which proves that, the experiences we have and the bonds we share with others is what makes our life special. Aside from that, the local people are quite welcoming and there is nothing more fun than getting involved in their culture.

We all have big ideas for ourselves, for our retirement. There are many things to do and much to enjoy when it comes to the “golden period”. To make it truly golden, one must live it regret free and if you ever had that slightest of twitches to try out life the expat way, then go ahead and do it. There are more benefits in it than you could possibly count.

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A financial safety net for older Americans, Social Security was established in 1935 by the Social Security Act. Before that, support for the elderly wasn’t a federal concern. It mostly fell to state, towns and of course families.

The program is based on contributions that workers make into the system. While you’re employed you pay into Social security and then you receive benefits later on when it’s your turn to retire. Contributions take the form of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act(FICA) taxes that are withheld from most paychecks.

The following is a general overview of Social Security:
* Of the 12.4% paid on your behalf, if 6.2% is paid by you, 6.2% is paid by your employer.
* You earn 1 credit for every $1200 in annual earnings, up to 4 maximum of credit per year.
* Must work at least 10 years, 40 credits are necessary to become eligible to receive benefits.
* The 2014 average Social Security individual benefit is $1,294 for couples $2,111.
* 2014 Maximum benefits is $2,642.
* Your Social Security benefits is determined by your highest 35 years of earnings.
* In 2014, the maximum taxable income is $117,000.

* Average retiree pays an average for housing all-inclusive $18,500 annually couples $26,400 AssistedLivingAbroad LLC

Sources: Secure Wealth Planning Group, Boca Raton, Fl. LLC Boca Raton, FL.

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Affordable Elder Care in the Philippines

Our vision is to provide an alternative for millions of families who can no longer afford the overwhelming high cost of senior care services.

Our unique service proposition excellent retirement housing, assisted living and Alzheimer’s care by going abroad. LLC proudly announce our new partner communities in the Philippines.

* ECO-VILLAGE – designed to meet the needs of retired vegans and vegetarians.

Balai-Isabel-01 Balai-Isabel-03 Balai-Isabel-07 Balai-Isabel-08 Balai-Isabel-09 Malvar Organic Farm 08 Malvar Organic Farm 09 Tropical-Fruits-03 Tropical-Fruits-04 Malvar Organic Farm 04 Malvar Organic Farm 03

* MABUHAII NURSING HOMES- Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s care

Mabuhaii Nursing Home 02 Mabuhaii Nursing Home 03 Mabuhaii Nursing Home 04 Mabuhaii Nursing Home 05 Mabuhaii Nursing Home 07 Mabuhaii Nursing Home 08 Wellness-Place-01 Wellness-Place-02 (1) Wellness-Place-06 Wellness-Place-05 (1) Wellness-Place-04 Wellness-Place-03

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