The Most Affordable Places To Retire Overseas

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Welcome to LLC your one source of information when seeking  retirement housing and assisted living abroad. An alternative to a better life!

You will find a wealth of information on our website about home setting communities offering both retirement and assisted living abroad.

Why Retire Abroad

Retiring overseas may be a difficult decision to make, however considering the low-cost of living in many foreign countries may be an option to consider. You don’t need to be rich when retiring overseas most communities in our network offer affordable housing with meals and transportation included with in the monthly fees. Making the decision can be very difficult until now due to the orientation our services provided and step-by-step process from the beginning to the end. Our residents certainly live a better quality of life so if you looking to retire early, or retire in the near future start searching right here you’re only  a breeze away.

Affordable Health Care and Senior Care Services Overseas

Its comes a time in life where we as individual need more medical attention, and when the times comes we hope we can afford it. In The United States the cost for assisted living in a community will run about $4000 -$5,000 a month to say the least, in some cases depending on the community up to $10,000 month. More, and more families are seeking for benefits and programs available, to only find out they really don’t qualify because of tight criteria put in place for qualification. Our partners offer cheap medication and in most cases medical treatments for a fractions of the cost in the U.S. As you search for options on the web you will come across communities in La Ceiba, Honduras a Gateway to The Bay Islands – Roatan, Utila, Guanaja are minutes away and have world-class sport fishing, diving, snorkeling/Dining and our private Hospital  will provide excellent medical care. so start your search right here on for the cheapest places to retire overseas and find a place to call home, We wait for you with open arms!


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Family vacation to our near beach resorts while visiting love ones. Don’t lift a finger, read more on our “A Piece of Mind” Page.


***However, these communities are not meant for those with long-term illnesses, or in bedridden. That’s where nursing homes and hospice take over.

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