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An Alternative To Senior Care

It’s hard enough to even think about moving a love one to an assisted living community, the thought to move and find a community can be stressful and overwhelming, but to even think to find a home outside of the country is unheard of. Assistedlivingabroad.net main focus is to help families obtain the same high level of care you can receive in United States for half the cost. It’s a simple alternatives for those families that just do not have any options and simply can not afford the high cost of senior care services in the United States.

Stress Free Don’t Have To Lift A Finger

Families will be able to visit their loves ones while vacationing in the nears Bay Islands located 45 minutes north of La Ceiba, Honduras on fairy, 25 minutes on plane. From the moment you arrive our communities will  provided private transportation from the airport, to our communities, and hotel destination. While on vacation to our near by resorts and vacation attractions you will be able to take your love one with you to spend quality time making it a memorable moment you will cherish a life time.

Stay Connected

Stay connected and keep up with your love ones no matter the distance. Our communities are equipped with updated technology allowing you to stay in touch through a phone call or video communication( Skype, OOVOO, or Facetime)  anytime, any day.


Concerned if you will lose your social security income if you move abroad? You may find our payment abroad screening tool helpful on the “Help Links tab” if you are planning to move to another country you can access the  Social Security U.S Administration website to confirm. You can move to our communities and still receive your SSI payment.

Submit your inquiries via email and receive a response within 24-48 hours. assistedlivingabroad@gmail.com Or Call Toll Free 800-573-0196

Must be legal to live in Honduras in order to receive the senior care services

U.S citizens who wish to live legally in Honduras for extended periods must receive permission from Honduran government. There are two options click on the link:


In-House Attorney

To receive a Honduran resident card you must obtain an Apostille the following documents from  the Secretary of State, Once you have obtain these document our in-house Honduran attorney will make sure to help each step of the legal process. Typically the entire process will cost around $ 2000 and can take up to 90 days once in Central America. You ‘re not alone the process is very easy  U.S and Canadians Citizens are welcome with open arms. Legal assistance is separate from community charges.

1.- Birth Certificate
2.- Marriage Certificate
3.- U.S passport
4.- Bank Statement
5.- Income Tax

Frequently asked questions about passport and cost

Visit the link below to read more about questions related to  passport and how to obtain in a hurry up situation at U.S Department of State government website.


Return of Remains of Deceased U.S. Citizens

Additional Information: For additional information concerning return of remains of a diseased U.S. citizen, contact the appropriate geographic division of the Office of American Citizens Services, Department of State, Room 4817 N.S., 2201 C. Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20520, tel: (202) 647-5225 or (202) 647-5226 or the consular officer in the American Citizens Services Section of the U.S. embassy or consulate in the foreign country where the death occurred.



How would you like to live and sustain your life with only your social security income?

As more and more people reach their retirement it seems that the ability to retire becomes more and more unreachable for many.  If you are one of the wealthy 1% unfortunately this article will not be in your interest, however don’t be too quick to stop reading as you also have to think about how you will make your savings last longer than your life span. The average retired American receives about $1000 to $1200 per month from social security benefits which isn’t much if you have to pay for housing, meals, transportation among other bills considering there’s no other funds available, but how would you feel if you had a solution available to live the rest of your life and really enjoy your retirement with only your social security income?

Without anyone doing anything at all the changes in today’s world affects everyone.  for example; inflations, cost living, high rise of gas and housing, uncertain health care, just to name a few.  Most of middle class of Americans work day in day out just to maintain, some live pay check to paycheck.

Sure you can find a small efficiency, buy an old car, eat roman noddle every day and still have money left over every month, but is that the way you imagine your retirement. What you should know is there are other amazing options, there’s one catch! It’s not right here at home, it’s overseas. Many expats have already discovered this secret but it’s not really a secret. The fact is that thousands of expats migrate to other countries around the world in the search of their dream.  Some people just happen to stumble into their new life and they discover their money will last longer in other places. Some just go to travel and fall in love with the people, the food and the culture. While others fall in love or find their calling. The benefits are endless for those who are open minded into trying new things. I’m a firm believer you should treat your retirement like a vacation.  Enjoy every minute of it and have fun.

We’ve put together a few answers to many of the questions we get asked daily:

A Piece of Mind and a Sense of Security

When one thinks of retiring overseas one always consider what the news say, it creates an uncertainty on the back of our mind, but if you look at the current events uncertainty exist everywhere. What we have created is a sense of peace of mind and security, a home setting environment just as you were at home. Our home settings communities are strategically place in gated communities or high-rises. No one will be able to have access unless upon your request. Only because the communities are in a developed country does not mean we compromise in the housing, as matter of fact our homes are beautiful in the inside as on the outside and depending on the country they are minutes away from shopping centers, hospitals, dental clinics, natural  eco tours, world class tourist destinations, parks, rivers and much more.

No worries, no stress, freedom for the rest of your life.

When the decision is made to live in one of our housing whether is in Ecuador, Honduras, or Colombia. You are not left alone to worry about how to speak the language, how to get around, or what’s for dinner.  When we say no stress we mean it. One of our lovely bilingual staff will facilitate, clean and even cook your three meals to your specific diet or preference.

Don’t worry about ever paying, or maintaining a vehicle.

How would you like to never worry about making monthly payments or maintaining repairs on a vehicle?  Drivers spend endless hours behind the steering wheel every year.  But you won’t have to do this ever again, unless you just can’t help yourself, but our residents enjoy our schedule transportation whether they are taking a pleasant evening out into town or donating their time to a local charity. By the time you know it, your savings account will maintain more of your hard earned cash instead of paying out on gas, oil changes, and car insurance.

Too good to be true?

Al thought the saying is true or services is nothing but a wish become a really to many who were looking for an answer. Our vision is to provide an alternative for those seeking a better quality of life and our solutions is to provide an affordable housing with meals and transportation included for about the same as social security benefits. In a short period of time we plan on expanding to other Latin American Countries that will help provide options for our future residences. Meanwhile we are no more than a 3 hour flight from any airport located in the East Coast of U.S.  Think of it as a long vacation and try it for a few months or if the decision involves staying long term, we can help with our in-house legal advisor. We at Retirement Living Abroad understand it’s not an easy decision to make; leaving behind what you call home can be a daunting thought, and specially friends & family. But when the time comes we will be waiting with open arms.


Call today and mention this article for 50% discount on deposit. 800-573-0196

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