Eco Village – Philippines

Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas, Philippines is host to the first eco-village in Asia designed to meet the needs of retired vegans and vegetarians.

Amenities and facilities include three swimming pools, lakeside cabanas, nature walks, a fitness course, wakeboarding, kayaking and catamaran sailing.

Villegas Organic and Hobby Farms in Malvar, Batangas, Philippines is an integrated system that practices zero-waste management. Farm resources are recycled and nothing is thrown away. All biodegradable materials are composed through the use of African Night Crawler earthworms. The resulting vermicast/compost is used as a soil medium for vegetable seedlings.
The farm adopts best practices in organic farming technologies to sustain the health not only of the people, but the very soil, water, air, fauna and flora. The technology is then transferred and capacity building is achieved through the non-profit Sustainable Agriculture and Entrepreneurship Learning Center. Neighboring farmers are invited to study the organic method. Students also visit to learn about sustainable and ecologically friendly farming practices.
There is a “Kasama Ka organik Koop” (Members of an Organic Cooperative), a broad-based farming cooperative with membership coming from organic producers, academie, hobbyists & enthusiasts, area farmers, agribusiness owners, and advocates who promote wellness through nutrition. Land has been set aside for “hobby & leisure” farming. City folks come on weekends to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables with the assistance of trained agronomists.

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