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U.S citizens who wish to live legally in Honduras for extended periods must receive permission from Honduran government. There are two options click on the link to learn more: Need more information please email us on contact us page.

You may find our payment abroad screening tool helpful if you are planning to move to another country. You can access the tool at the following internet address:

Find nearest Honduran Consulate

Communities are placed strategically near hospitals equipped with the best medical equipment offered by current technology. Providing reliable health services and quality by bilingual trained personnel.

Private Hospital Suizo-Honduras

Hospital and Clinic Vicente D’Antoni- LOCAL HOSPITAL-PRIVATE

Passport and General Frequently asked questions

Recent Alerts and Recall on Medications and Devices

Each year, the number of medical devices and drugs on the market increases, and so does the recalls and safety alerts. In addition to recalls made by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), manufacturers also “voluntarily” pull problematic products off the market. As a consumer it is important to be aware of devices or drugs that may affect your health. is a Helpful Information resource for Seniors about the awareness of Medications and Medical Devices.

Staying Healthy Over 50

Falls and Older Adults

22 Senior Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging

Health Information for Older Adults

Health & You: Seniors and Swimming

Planning Your Doctor Visit

Fire Prevention Preparedness for Seniors

Stop Medicare Fraud

Seniors’ Addiction Prevention Guide

Leiomyosarcoma is considered to be rare, and treatable. It is a cancer of the soft tissue and involuntary muscle and when it is caught early it can be effectively removed.

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