Retirement/Independent Living


We are out to be the largest network for retirement and assisted living communities overseas. Our concept is certainly not for everyone, we are simply an alternative for those seeking an options for affordable housing and senior care when needed.
Currently, we offer all types of housing in Medellin, Colombia and La Ceiba Honduras all inclusive.

All inclusive means you will have available 3 meals per day plus snacks, private transportation, your own personal housekeeping and your own housing . Rates depend on your personal needs typically between $1800-$2200 per month per person. Rates do not increase with time unless new services are added by the resident.

Should you be interested in our service the first step is to take a 7-day tour to view the properties and surrounding areas. Tour provided by one of the most trusted travel agencies in Honduras.

Retirement Living Abroad – An alternative to a better quality of life

* Small, warmth family style atmosphere Setting
* Three home-cooked/prepared meals plus snacks
* Housekeeping and laundry services daily
* Scheduled activities and private transportation
* Companionship
* Bilingual Staff

Leisure time!

La Quinta Real Resort in La Ceiba, Honduras has partner up with LLC in order to provide the better things in life. Our residents enjoy reading a book by the beach, the music, the bar and  or just simply enjoying their retirement.

Need more information please submit your inquiry on our contact us page.

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