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For those who are seeking to venture into a totally different culture but don’t know where to start. Perhaps retiring abroad crossed your mind but you want to try it first. Spending three to six months would give you a better understand if Central America is for you. Learn more about what are the best places to live, best places to dine and wine either way there are several things everyone should know before moving overseas.  We invite you to experience Honduras and Latin America. Is living on an exotic beachfront is for you? Only one way to find out!

How can we help?

You have to worry about at thing, we guarantee to have your private transportation from the airport to your final destination. Before you get here you would check with your local travel agency to make sure you have all required documents, don’t worry you will not need a visa but there are a few documents you would want to have. (Visit our helpful links page for more details). Leave the rest to us and enjoy your retirement.


Honduras is located near the equator South of the Caribbean Ocean and North of the Pacific Ocean. The weather is near perfect year around 70-80 degrees.

All flights to Honduras will arrive in San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, rest assure we will be there waiting for you? Once you here there are a million things to do such as: Tour of ruins de Copan, Historic Catholic cathedral, Wine and Dine, Shopping Malls, the list is endless.


Or do what millions of Hondurans and foreigners do flock to The Bay Island.



Our vision is to offer an alternative for an affordable retirement. Give us a call today at (305)902-5587, let us  talk how we can make your dream come true. 7 Day tours provided by all rights reserved 2017 an LLC company.

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